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Be your own perfect

Your workplace doesn’t have to be confined to the constructs of a room. Your space for inspiration is more than four walls or a particular set of furniture. Your space of creation and productivity is a mindset – one that can be cerebrally built anywhere you find yourself.

The ability to motivate yourself while traveling is central to creating a headspace in which you can work constructively. To help, we’ve put together a few useful tips to keep you organised and productive on the go.

Put your office in your back pocket

The great thing about smartphones in the business world is that they have shifted the landscape of project organisation. You no longer have to dial-in to a meeting or organise tasks over email to play a central role in evolving events. To keep you at the centre while you’re not in the office, start downloading some business apps.

Microsoft Office 365 is a bundle of apps that allows you to remotely access files and use the web version of Microsoft Office. In addition to this, you can share files with colleagues, manage your team, assign tasks, and even set entire new projects including sub-tasks, goals and schedules. You can even get notifications sent straight to you, keeping everyone up to date.

Then there are apps like Sage One Accounting that let you write, save, file and send invoices in an instant – anywhere with an internet connection, saving a huge amount of time and money for small and big businesses alike.

Keep connected

Sometimes we stay connected to our email as we travel for peace of mind. We can relax knowing that the company building back home hasn’t spontaneously combusted without us, and our workmates haven’t gone insane and resorted to cannibalism in our absence.

Networking channels keep us connected, and knowing how to use each one is key to organising your communications framework. Using email is great for official correspondence and lets you see a reference trail, but so much communication can be more efficiently done over instant messaging systems like Skype for Business. Having a strong network connection means that you can use Skype for Business for video conferences, group messaging, direct messaging and file sharing. This is a sure-fire way to minimise your fear that the world is imploding in a company building back home.

Stay organised while staying mobile

Keep your thoughts in order on the road – it’s easy to lose track of your jobs, miss an email you meant to send, and forget the little but important things. It’s best to note down everything as you go with a notepad, or digitise your work with an app like OneNote. As part of most Microsoft 365 packages, OneNote app lets you take notes, create to-do lists, and save items you find online from the moment you dive into its UX-optimised interface. Since it syncs between all your devices, it makes transferring thoughts and keeping track even easier. At its core, this means creating structure and coherence in front of you at all times.

Know when to hold on and when to let go

Using your time effectively means that you can get work done faster and have more time to enjoy yourself. The truth is that you’re more likely to achieve deadlines if you take breaks and refresh, rather than gradually decelerating by tiring yourself out.

Using time effectively means knowing how to best take advantage of opportunities. Turn your lunch into a lunch meeting. Catch up on emails over breakfast. But also know when to switch off. Don’t work on your flight, save that for when you have a moment in an ergonomic space. Don’t take your laptop to bed because if you don’t switch off, you’ll sleep less and be less productive in the morning. The more you block your time like a game of Tetris during your day, the more time you’ll have free in the evening to enjoy the rest of life – and maybe add some pleasure to your work trip.

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